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Hobonichi Techo 2025 HON A6 Bow & Tie

Hobonichi Techo 2025 HON A6 Bow & Tie

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The Bow & Tie series features a distinctive cover made from the same textured, glossy fabric commonly used in neckties. The luxurious feel and subtle sheen of the material set this series apart from other Weeks books, making it a perennial bestseller. This year, we've chosen a Sushi design to celebrate Japanese culture. Sushi holds a special place in Japanese cuisine, often regarded as the country's quintessential dish, representing meticulous preparation and the joy of communal dining. While sushi's popularity has soared globally, its allure remains enigmatic for many outside of Japan, adding to its universal appeal. To commemorate the Year of the Snake in the Chinese Zodiac, we selected snakes as the motif for this design, adding a touch of luck and charm to the collection in 2025.

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